A Day Filled with Surprise

It was a day filled with surprises. Picked out from the bucket wish list was ‘The Pasta Bowl Company’ which became the venue for our family outing – a mini reunion of sorts since son came down from Jaipur (hostel) and we two from the emerald islands (Andamans).

Going by standard yardstick of ‘”white wine during daytime” I rummaged through the wine list and almost homed on to a Chardonnay. But that was not to be (being out of stock).

Well, it was a Rose wine which was seeking us that day (yes, they say a good wine too seeks to be savoured and appreciated).

We ordered the Robert Mondavi “Woodbridge Zinfandel Rose” from Lodi wine region, California. It was my first tryst with a Zinfandel Rose and the first sip told me that it’s going to be memorable.

Again, the textbook parings of pasta and pizza with the Rose wine worked well for us. The restaurant rightfully prides in serving Italian fare with fresh and light ingredients and these paired wonderfully with the wine.

But the surprise was in the dessert. Best is saved for last – as goes the saying.

Now, the thumb rule is that “wine should be sweeter than the dessert”. So I was not expecting the wine to pair in anyway with the “Blueberry Cheese cake” which we had ordered. No harm in trying though (the vino in me whispered) – and I agreed without much resistance.

And as they say – the world of wines us full of surprises. A sip of the Zinfandel Rose with the cake paired exceptionally well resulting in a pleasurable culinary sensation.

The family outing with Zinfandel Rose with succulent Italian fare and the BBC cake indeed became a memorable one and has since got etched in the wine memory.


Coravin Screw Caps

Coravin is the magical contraption that allows you to draw wine from a bottle without opening the cork. This way you can pour limited portion of wine without worrying that the balance will go bad. Certainly an oeonological boon, is it not ?

However, can Coravin be used for screw cap wine bottles as well ?

To the delight of wine lovers, it does (However, this innovation is only available in Australia and new Zealand for the moment)

How Coravin Works for Screwcaps

1 Grab your favourite bottle of expensive wine that’s sealed with a screwcap
2 Remove and discard existing screwcap
3 Immediately replace with Coravin Screw Cap
4 Push the hollow needle of the Coravin System through Coravin Screw Cap
5 Continue to use Coravin as if it was bottled with a cork.

After pouring, remove the needle, and the Coravin Screw Cap will re-seal to protect the wine from oxidation.

Source : The Wine Wankers, read the full article at http://bit.ly/2xGoG5F

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WSET Advanced Certification

Completeting WSET Level 3 has been a proud achievement for me in my wine journey. Hoping that more wine education comes my way.


Tour de France 2017 – and the Chilean Wine Connection


Picture – https://twitter.com/ConoSurWines

Tour de France, presumably the greatest bicycle race in the world, was held in France from 01 to 23 July 2017. The tournament was won by Chris Froome of Britain. But there’s a wine connection too associated with the sporting event. Read more to find out.

“Tour de France 2017: Britain’s Chris Froome wins yellow jersey for the fourth time – BBC Sport, 23 July 2017”.

But hey, this is a wine blog-post and why should I be mentioning about the world’s greatest bicycle race, you may wonder !!  Well the reason lies in the “Bicycle” itself, as I will bring out a bit later…

Zoom in for a moment to South America – to Chile wine region to be precise. One of the leading exporters of wines from Chile is the Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery. It was established in 1993 as a subsidiary of Concha y Toro Winery and the name Cono Sur means the ‘South America’s Southern Cone’.

Now, Cono Sur signed up as official wine of the Tour de France for three years in 2015. This year too in June 2017, the brand launched Bicicleta Pinot Noir –  marking its status as the official wine of Le Tour de France with a limited edition range.

The wine bottle labels, which have been designed by the renowned cycling artist Eliza Southwood, honor Miguel Indurain (Of Spain) who won the Tour de France for five consecutive times from 1991.  Tacitly, the label also recognizes the contribution of “bicycles” – which are used by the workers who come to work in the Cono Sur vineyards – and herein lies the Bicycle connection which I mentioned above.

With an underlying theme of “inspired by greatness”, the limited edition wine bottles symbolically aim to “unite the wines and the riders” participating in the Tour de France 2017.

So here’s a toast to Britain for being the champions in Tour de France 2017 and a cheer to Cono Sur for being the official wine brand for the tournament.

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Cava de paraje –  the Grand Cru of Cava       

Cava, the Sparkling wine wine from Spain has, over recent years, gained much favour amongst wine consumers world over and this along with Prosecco (Italian bubbly) is increasingly proving a viable competition to the French Champagne.

Now, “Cava de Paraje“, the new proverbial ‘grand cru’ of Cava, could become a reality soon –  according to the Spanish agriculture ministry
As per Cava Regulatory Board, the rules for same would include a maximum yield of 8000 kg/ha, 36 months of ageing in the bottle, only vintage wines and only brut styles.
Certainly a reason to celebrate for the Cava fans.

( Read more at  https://goo.gl/qKcCsM

Source – Vinexpo )

The first 12 cava sites, and their owners, are:


Every wine reflects the personality of it’s winemaker

“Every wine has a story”…goes the saying. Well if that’s true then the story teller (or the wine maker) certainly assumes a central place in the wine experience. This also supports my belief that the winemaker’s personality is always reflected in the wine he makes.

I often try to read about the  winemaker of the wine which I’m having and would correlate the personality of the winemaker with the type of wine he produces as under..

Serious winemaker  – his wines should display perfectness in all aspects including balance of tannins, acidity, sugar, and alcohol etc. A text book precise wine.

Casual winemaker – his wines should be more of easy to drink  – much dependent on the magic of the terroir and less on viticulture and vinification efforts.

Maverick winemaker– his wines would display an element of boldness and experimentation. Like maybe a wine with a blend of the crisp Sauvignon Blanc, the aromatic Viognier and the noble Gewurztraminer. The IGP regions which grant some flexibility in winemaking should be the maverick winemaker’s paradise.

Last but not the least and irrespective of above classes –

Sincere winemaker–  his wines would reflect the sincerity, dedication and hard work in making of the wine which may be of any price range or the brand.

These are some wine musings. Views and own experiences are welcome. Cheers!


Yes that would be wonderful..

Why don’t you try some french wine with food” ? – an innocuous question by the bearer at a french bistro in New Delhi. I had taken my wife for an anniversary dinner. Till then I had never liked wines and wanted to say – “No, thank you”. Maybe the french ambience got better of me and I found myself uttering – Yes, that would be wonderful.

So the wines were served with dinner and it would be much later that I would register what we had – Chardonnay (White wine) for her and Cabernet Sauvignon (Red wine) for me – labels which were alien to me then.

The wines cast their magic- the aromatic, crisp, fresh white wine and the soft, rounded, fruity red wine bowled us over. The wine – food combination was so pleasurable that it sparked in me a keen interest in wines – which developed into a passion soon.

Thus, a simple visit to a bistro actually started my wine trail. So, to all those who often wonder about wines but are unsure whether you will like it or not – hit a bistro in your neighbourhood and when asked about wines just say – “Yes, that would be wonderful”. I promise you it would be so.